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Starting Mid June 2007 RednekTv will be kicking off new ad campaigns for anyone who wishes to advertise with us.  This is the first time RednekTv has ever offered outside companies to place an ad on the site.  Be sure to reserve your spot now, because they will not last long.

At RednekTv we have made it simple to promote your business or club at a very reasonable rate.  From sectional ads, to the entire site, we will build your ad campaign to suit your needs.  Unlike most sites, we do not charge on a per click basis.  The reason being is that we learned the hard way, when we started RednekTv that this can be very costly, and since we started with a limited budget, we knew exactly what we wanted to spend a month on ads.  But we were not prepared for number of users clicking to check us out and before we knew it, we owed a large amount of money to our ad sponsors for running our ads.

RednekTv has never been about making money, that's why we do not charge the high prices that you will see on other sites for ads.  RednekTv was started with the concept that it would always be free to the viewers.  But then again we didn't expect it to grow so large in such a short amount of time.  This is why we are allowing you to place ads on the site.  Basically to pay for the bandwidth, and offset the cost of attending events to cover some of the greatest festivals and sports the world has to offer.  Formed in 2003 with just over 11 thousand hits the first month, RednekTv has grown to around 18 million hits a month ( April 07 ) with an increase of approximately 4 % growth per month.   This number does not include the images available for Myspace, Rodeopages, etc.  Those images are stored separately because they give false positives.  The average hit count on these are around 60 million a month.  We do not include these in the totals because they can not be verified.


There are several different types of Ads available. 



This is where you ad will be placed in a certain section.  For example.  If you were selling Racing Lawnmower equipment.  You target audience will be driven more towards the racing lawnmower pages rather than the hunting section.  So you can specify what pages your target audience would be viewing.


Main Page

The Main Page of RednekTv is where most visitors enter.  This page receives more traffic than most of the other pages.    The side bar is the placement for this ad.  You can see an example by going to the main page and look to the left and right of the page for Your Ad Here.


Whole Site

This is where your ad would be placed on every page of RednekTv.  The are over a thousand different pages on RednekTv and your ad would be on everyone of them.  There are two different placements available for this.  Our premium plan, where your ad is at the top of every page on RednekTv, or you can drop down one level and have it placed on the sidebar of every page.  It's up to you.


So have we raised your curiosity enough that you would like more info.  Then all you have to do is drop us a line at
or give us a call at 770-329-1624 and we will provide you with pricing and answer any questions you may  have.

                                                                                 The RednekTv Staff