This is our salute to the Most Elite and Bravest fightin forces in the world.  The men and women of the United States of America's Military are worthy of our praise and our gratitude.  One thing you will never hear a True Rednek do is disrespect anyone serving or retired from military service.  Anyone who will stand up and fight for this countries rights deserves our respect.  As I watched some of the anti-war protests being held in San Fransico, it made my blood boil when they started talking about the service men and women of our military.  I think Charlie Daniels said it best by saying, "Let them go down and hold an anti-war rally in Baxley Ga.  and see what kind of reception you will get".  The staff here at RednekTv would like to honor some of our fighting men and women.  If you are a currently serving or a veteran, please post your photos and a brief description. Once again A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the members of our armed services keeping our homes and lives safe in times of peace and peril.

For Information of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Click Here


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