2004 Hunt with Ed Rhein

     Well the 2004 hunt didn't go as well as we hoped.  Although we did see deer, no one seemed to be able to knock one down.  A total of 8 deer were seen, 3 of which were bucks, but as our luck usually goes one thing or another kept us from glory.  The winner of the 2004 Bag A Bigun was Ed Rhein from Cartersville, GA.  We enjoyed bringing Ed along and he fit in with the staff like two bologna sandwitches in one of them zip baggies.  Although the deer were scarce the fun was not.  We had a great time sitting around telling stories of not so smart things we had done in the past.  Since we didn't see a lot of deer there isn't much video footage of us in the woods.   But there is plenty of footage of us doing what we do best.  Telling lies and cracking jokes.  So I will be posting all of it on here.  Be sure to keep an eye on the site for upcoming contests as well as next years Bag A Bigun give away. 

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2004 Bag-A-Bigun Hunt

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