2005 Hunt with Robbie Garner

     Well  what can I say about the 2005 Bag A Bigun hunt?  This was the best weekend the Staff has had in a while, other than Tank who couldn't get out of bed Saturday morning to go hunting because the hangover from Friday was so bad.  This years winner, Robbie Garner, is probably one of the greatest guys you will ever meet.  Robbie and his buddy, Derek Elliot, are from Dallas, GA and Robbie has been knocking them deer down for many moons, although he did miss one on Sunday morning.  But don't worry Robbie, I won't tell anyone.  Robbie is an experienced hunter.  He taught us that not all people hunt deer with a beer in one hand and a spotlight in the other.  And he also taught us that any good hunter always has a gun in truck wink, wink....  And once again as usual we enjoyed what we like to call "The Life and Times of Bodine"  The stories that are so bazaar, they have to be true.  And even though we didn't kill a lot of deer, we sure killed a lot of beer.   And this year the video's will be a little different.  We will be posting all of the footage from the interviews rather that editing out some of the funnier scenes.  So be sure to check them out as soon as they are uploaded.   

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2005 Bag-A-Bigun Hunt

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