2006 Hunt with Kenneth Hudson

     Well  what can I say about the 2006 Bag A Bigun hunt?   A 7 pointer was killed along with Tailgate almost getting killed.  It was an eventful trip.....  About an hour into it, Tailgate decides to play Evil Kenvil and we got to meet some of Dublin's finest.  Police, voluteer firefighters, paramedics, etc....  So after a couple of hours at the hospital, I get to drive Tailgate all the way back home to Canton, GA.  You owe me a deer hunt Tailgate....  But even in our absence they still managed to kill more beer than deer.  Sat was eventful, Robbie took a decent 7 that morning (pictures below) but that was about it.  Sunday was rained out, thought for a while there that Noah was going to have to pair them up one more time.  But even with the rain, it couldn't damper the spirits of our winner. Kenneth (aka Cooter) was a great guy and so was Rob, Kenneth's buddy.   We look forward to many upcoming drinking.....  I mean hunting trips with them.  So with that being said..  Here are the pictures.  And this year we didn't have much hunting video... but I will post what we have in the near future.

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