I have had a lot of people criticize me for the southern accent I have and the way I proudly display three flags in my front yard and tats on my back and in my house and on here.

So I wrote a piece that I want you to read please, its about us Southern Americans and how we showed not hate our precious historic flag but love the compassion of the history for the Southern Americans that fought and bled so we could live here today.

Thank you for your time. I know its long, but please read it and let me know what you think. please, your opinion means everything to me.

Samantha Lynn Gamache
NS Mayport Florida.......

Southern Americans and All Americans Need To Read.

You are offended cause I have the rebel flag on my page, You automatically think I'm a racist, Well your wrong and that's were you need a history lesson, because that day in US history class you must have been sick or didn't go, or pay any attention or the government forgot to actually put the truth in the books that our children read today, out of fear of a split nation.
The Rebel Flag was created for the army's and the Confederate Congress to distinguish the confederate soldiers from the federal soldiers of the union in the north. They were both flying the American flag at that time and could not tell who was who, both unions from north and south (confederate-south/federal-north) wore similar uniforms in color and style and markings. So first to try to distinguish, the two enemies apart from each other after many failed battles and lose of soldiers on both sides, was badges to be worn on the left shoulders, made of red flannel, to help try to tell the confederate armies from the federal. That was in July of 1861, by the famous known general, General P.G.T. Beauregard, who directed his quartermaster to issue those to each of his troops. Even with these distinctive red badges, the difficulty of identifying the opposing army especially at great distances created much anxiety and near catastrophe for the Confederates troops on July 21st at Manassas Junction, near Bull Run Creek, the first major battle of the Civil War, Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard Decided something needed to be done to separate the two. Even with battle plans and watchful eyes on the army's movements, the two different armies were near catastrophe for loss of soldiers, because in the swirls of dirt and dust from battle, you could not see the badges only the flags.

The flag flown at that time was the American Flag, than the stars and stripes with the 13 states as white stars was born. Still both sides used the same flag. The first national flag of the Confederate States of America was adopted at the Montgomery convention. After the delegates had established the Confederacy, a special committee was appointed to design a flag and a seal for the new nation. Stars and Bars, was raised at Montgomery on March 4, 1861. The Stars and Bars, though popular with many Confederate officials, did not capture the imagination of the general public who seemed disappointed that their new nation was symbolized by such an unimaginative emblem. The design of the Stars and Bars was an unfortunate compromise. It looked too much like the American flag for some Confederates, and not enough like it to others. The resemblance between the two flags became apparent at the American Civil War's first call to battle. Confederate officer's, ordered all military units to use the flags of their states. But only Virginia had supplied her troops with their state flag. The Confederate officers were then determined to design and adopt a battle flag that would be clearly recognizable so they would no longer lose the lives of their troops and fall to the federal troops military strategem.
After lengthy consideration was given to various designs, Johnston and Beauregard met with Quartermaster General William L. Cabell at the Fairfax Courthouse in Virginia in September 1861 to finalize the design of the new battle flag and the new nation symbol flag. Johnston proposed a flag in the shape of an ellipse with a red field and a blue saltier (a diagonal cross, often called a St. Andrew's cross) containing a white star for each Confederate state of the new nation. On October 1, 1861, the Confederate War Department authorized the use of the new battle flag by the Army of the Potomac, which was later renamed the Army of Northern Virginia by General Robert E. Lee. Although the Beauregard battle flag other wise known as the confederate flag, was perhaps the emblem most widely used by southern troops, it was never made the official battle flag of the Confederate Army and there were many other battle flags of varying styles, shapes, and colors used by Rebel forces during the Civil War.

But nevertheless, it was used to distinguish the troops from the south, from the troops in the north. The southern confederate troops or armies were known the to northern troops as "rebels", so when the northerners saw the Beauregard battle flag or confederate flag, the nickname began...."Rebel's Flag is Flying".
After the civil war many states adopted the confederate flag to their own state flags as a sign and symbol of the war and the rights and freedom for which their people all fought for, to break away from the north, Yes some of the war was for slavery, but to be truthful, there wasn't only African Americans as slaves, their were Spaniards and Indian slaves ,even some of the slaves were from Asian cultures as well. But I guess society has neglected to accept that history point in time and only focus on one group of persons. That is called ignorance and I believe that is racist among the history lessons to only focus and ridicule for one group of persons to be portrayed in the time line of history.
The Confederate Flag was a symbol of the confederate troops, like our US Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Army, Air Force and Reserves and Guard units flags , that we use today to distinguish the armies and troops from different units and infantries from foreign lands during the time of war and conflicts. It was not designed to promote hate and racism, it was not made to make people feel uncomfortable when they see it flying. Yes some extremist have used the flag for their extreme movement groups out of ignorance and hate, But that isn't what the flag was created for. It was created to give a symbol , a imprint of loyalty and compassion to the men that fought to save their lands and freedom from being stripped and taken from them, from a opposing threat. It was to distinguish a new life that people wanted to create for their people, a life from the north that was still being ruled from foreign democracy. The southern states wanted a new freedom from taxes and rules and laws that were not of their choice and lifestyle. Like the pilgrims that came to the new land, they sought out freedom and hope of a new life. The south wanted to be known as the South and not under the rule of thumb from the north.
The Confederate Flag was created to show that the south was indeed its own people, its own life, new laws and governs. It was not created by the Klu Klux Klan, or the extremist who focus on segregation of people out of hate and un-trust and ignorance based on skin tone. The government has allowed the southern flag to become a threat, because out of ignorance and hate and misunderstanding. When indeed it should be a national historic symbol of love for land and people. We fly our American flag over foreign lands to show that we fought for something we felt was right. We fly it to show power and the love of helping the fellow man in his time of need over threatening rulers. Other countries feel that the American flag doesn't belong, but do we take it down, because to others its not right, its racist to them. No we fly it high and proudly to show that we love our people and our land, that's what the south was doing, to show they fought hard for their people and their right to keep their land. Back than it meant pride, not hate, not segregation of persons with different skin tones, it meant segregation from a foreign ruled democracy, a split America. So if you feel that the Confederate flag means hate and segregation of persons with different skin tone and racism, than you are in need of a history lesson my friend.
Yes I proudly display the Confederate and American flags proudly along with my families Ireland country flag, so....its part of my heritage. I'm not a racist if that's what you were thinking than your wrong and now you are being ignorant to the fact of knowledge. The confederate flag doesn't mean hate, its heritage. Its something us southern Americans have left to show what we fought for. Not what we hated.
I know some ruin it for others cause we do have ignorant people out there who take their rights to extreme, But I'm not like that. I'm a history lover, I love the flag cause it was something my great grandparents who came from Ireland first saw coming here. The confederate flag was a symbol of a land fought for. Not hating people.

A lot of people died for the cause of land ownership here and the right to freedom back than, It was not made to create hate and fear and segregation. People who use it that way, and say they are proud southern Americans and use it for their cause of hate and fear, they are extreme, and they are not proud and loyal southern Americans to the flag, but a proof to the ignorance and hate that exists in the stupidity of the lack of true knowledge on our, US American history and our right to show true loyal American pride for what their and our ancestors did to create the south to which we reside and love today!

You need to re-think your American southern pride on loyalty to those who died so you can build your house and own your land that you live on today in the south, That Confederate flag stood high and flew high to show pride for the southern Americans who fought for what they thought was right. They bled for you to live here today! Show some respect, not ignorance please. They to were Americans not extremist, they fought like we do today, they fought for freedom.

I hope that makes you understand the true Confederate flag and our southern American heritage and history little more.

I love everyone, I don't look at color, I look at your heart. There was American colors on the confederate flag, southern Americans love their country just like you, they fought to keep their flag flying to prove that people can come together to fight for their god given right to freedom, why take it away and say its a symbol of hate. Its not a symbol of hate people. It bears the same colors of the American flag, is that a symbol of hate too? Why is that still flying? Americans fought for this land didn't they? Why destroy history based on ignorance.

Thank You
Sammi Lynn