Fishin is one of the Rednek's favorite pastimes.   Putting your wits up against a vicious fish like a brim, can take a lot out of a man.  And as you are sitting there reading this I bet you are thinkin to yourself what can I do to become a better fisherman.  Well we here at are going to take it upon ourselves to learn you something about sneaking up on those vicious fish in your local waters. 

     First thing on your list of fishin supplies is a case of beer.  This is just in case one of those violent fish jump out of the water and lops off one of your fingers with its fins.  If you drink enough beer before hand it will help counter act the pain.  Personally I recommend that if you are going to go fishin at 8 am you need to start drinkin at least by 6 am just in case. 

     Next thing no Rednek fisherman can be caught without is a roll of shitter paper.  After about 6 beers and stopping by the Krystal (or White Castle depending on what part of the country you are from) for breakfast, around 9 am you will be glad you have the shitter paper with you.  If you have ran off without your shitter paper you can always use a sock, roadmap, or even leaves.  Now should you use poison oak as a paper, then just drink more beer.  Get enough beer in you and the itching will go away.

    Now onto our fishing pole.  Anything from a turbo charged 4 speed suped up rod-reel combo to a cane pole will do.  Get you some bait, goldfish out of the aquarium or if you have money stop by the local bait store.  Now we have all the necessities to catch us some fish.  Oh yeah if you really want to get a bigun bring along a stick or two of dynamite just in case they aren't bittin today.

     Now let's find some water.  Just drive around until you see a public lake.  Ease on down to the bank and you have to be really careful on the slippery banks or you might spill your beer.  Sit down and get everything ready.   Personally this is what I do.  Sit down close to the water, open a beer.   Take a couples of chugs, then break out the fishin pole.  Bait the hook, chug another beer.  Find a stick with a fork in it and poke it down in the ground.   Now depending or whether you are right or left handed (me being right handed) I take off my right shoe.  Chug another beer. Cast your line into the water.  Lean the fishin pole into the fork of the stick, then tie the reel end to your big toe.   Now here's the hard part, lean back and drink more beer.  Feel free to nap as needed.  Keep this position unless nature calls or you run out of beer.  If you run out of beer pick up CB and holler for wife.  If she replies tell her to bring you more beer. 

     At the end of the day you will feel great about the hard days work you have put in.  And if you haven't caught anything just light a stick and chunk it in.  You will have a boatload of fish to carry home for the little lady to clean while you sit on the couch, tell her how hard it was to catch all these fish, and drink another beer.