Alrighty then, so you want to learn how to hunt but don't know where to start.  This is the     perfect place to find out all that you need to know about baggin yourself a bigun.  We gonna teach you how to call em up, bring em in close, and put that sucker on the table.

First thing we need to talk about is getten yourself camoed up so them deer won't see ya.  Just run by your local Walmart or Sporting goods store and pick you up some realtree.   Realtree will hide ya purty darn good when you are after that big ole sad daddy.  

     Next we need to figure out what type of gun we gonna be needen.  Lets look at the type of place we are going to hunt.  If we gonna be hunting in a field or a pretty open area I recommend the always trusty 30.06.  This is a good long range gun.  It is generally considered the all around deer huntin gun.   But if I'm going to be hunting someplace a little bit thicker I prefer a 30/30.   The reason being it will cut through small limbs on it's way to the big boy.   Now a 30/30 is good to about 150 yards but in heavy cover I don't recommend taking a shot that far away.

     Now we got to find us a place to hunt.  All you   have to do is ask a local farmer is they would mind you hunting on their place.   All they can do is say yes or no.  Just explain that you are going to hunt on their land either way, you just would like to have their permission.  And hell if they say no, then it's no big deal, just shoot one of his cows on your way down his driveway......... No just kiddin, don't shoot one of his cows, we just bought us a new gun and we don't want it locked up in the evidence locker at the county police station.   Most farmers will let you hunt.  If not we still have some options.   There is a lot of public land set aside by the government.  Contact you local forestry service to find out where the National Forests are located. 

      Now lets talk about types of huntin.  You have the ole sit at the bottom of the tree, huntin from a tree stand, stalking (yeah just like your ex girl friend/sister), or the most popular hunting from the truck.  Now all of these are legal except for the last one so I don't recommend that one to anyone.  Sittin at the base of a tree.  This can be effective but you need to remain as motionless as possible.  My first option is huntin from a tree stand.  This gets you up above the line of sight of the deer so motion isn't detected as easlily.  Also your scent is not as detectable in a tree stand as compaired to on the ground.  The stalk is the hardest of the three.  This is where you walk really slowly trying to sneak up on your prey.  This is a lot harder than is sounds because the deer have such great hearing.  Now choose the option that you want to use and we are ready to hunt.   Oh one more thing, most states require a hunter education class before you can go huntin.  So check you local game laws to make sure that you legal in ever way.

     Picking a treestand.  If you decide to use the tree stand approach, there are several things you might want to take into consideration when picking a stand.  Comfort and safety should be the two things you look at.  Although most stand are comfy I have found that the treelounge is the most comfy stand I have ever hunted out of.  The only problem is it's a little pricy as well as too comfortable.   The first time I hunted out of mine I went to sleep about 5 pm and didn't wake up until after dark.  So therefore the deer had come and gone.  But almost any brand of tree stand will work. 

     With all of the previous in mind, choose your equiptment wisely.  Nothing can make for a bad hunt like sitting in a uncomfy stand, firing a gun that misfires, etc.  You don't want to screw up that once in a lifetime shot.