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    Welcome to your single source for all things Rednek.  After much research I found that there was no one place to find out all you need to know to become a Rednek.  So we here at have taken it upon ourselves to edumacate the world.  We gonna learn you thangs that you never dreamt were possible.  Show you how to impress the girlies and be the life (or at least most talked about person) at every party you attend.  Know I know your sittin there thinking how hard can it be to become a Rednek.  Well let me tell ya brother, it's a lot harder than it looks.  You gotta know stuff like, scratching your privates, spittin out a truck window, makin shine, how to lift your truck with parts from around your house, etc.  Everyone thinks it's easy to be a rednek, but truth be known it's a full time job.  So crack open a cold one (And I don't mean a corpse) sit back, relax, and open your mind to a whole new world of possibilities.  You never know what you might end up learning here on our site.  Enjoy!

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