Momma.  A word that everyone of us has used.  Momma's are sacred here in the south.  To a Rednek boy there is nothin more special in this world..  They hold a god like status in the eyes of their youngens.  Nothing can make a man fight quicker than someone talkin about his momma.  But all the rednek momma's that I know can take care of theirselves.  I've seen the toughest men alive, run like a coward just because their momma gave them the stare. 

     It takes a special kind of woman to be a rednek momma.  She has to keep her wild youngens under control, as well as teachin them all the modern rednek things.  Such as how to dry your shirt on the antenna of a truck and remove rust from a bumper with their spit..  So at this time we at would like to say Thank You to all the momma's out there who put up with muddy jeans, transmissions in the bathtubs, and empty beer cans galore.  So take the time out of your day to thank the one person who could whoop your ass in the blink of an eye, and yet at the same time make you feel glad to be a part of this world.  We Love You Momma.