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Sandra with the Orginal BigFoot

     Since the dawn of time (or at least the 70's) Monster Trucks have always turned heads and made Redneks excited all over the world.   Since our job here at RednekTv is to edumacate you'ens about the finer thing in life, H.D. done made the long drive up to Summersville, GA to sit down and have a chat with Dan Runte, driver of the BigFoot 14 truck.  Dan is an impressive driver with several credits to his name including MTRA Driver of the Year 3 times.  He is the only driver to ever win this award that many times.  He has also broken the World Long Jump record for a moster truck twice, once jumping over a 727 jetlinerfor a distance of 202 feet.  He grave us great insight as to what BigFoot is made out of. 

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     It is totally customized from front to back.   Nitrogen filled shocks,  acohol burning engine based on the 460.  The suspension under this truck is ungodly.  Massive drive shafts and axles linked to an

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crapload of beefed up hardware.  This was one tough truck.  We chatted for a few and no matter what I tried he just wouldn't let me drive the truck.   What's the deal, they won't let me drive a monster truck and UPS won't let me drive the big brown truck.  Since the being nice routeen didn't work I tried the itimidation approach.  I asked it we could hook up.  His truck against mine.   But he said no.  He knew that I would snatch the paint right off that truck.   In all reality I'm glad he said no.  Cause after watching the show he put on I'm pretty sure he would have drug me all over the parking lot. 


     Ok here's a little history on Bigfoot.  It was created in the mid 70's by Bob and Marilyn Chandler.  BigFoot didn't do it's first paid event until 1979.  Then in 1981 Bob didn't something that revolutionized the monster truck sport, he thought he would see if he could drive the truck over a bunch of junk cars.  And the rest has been history.  Since then there have been 15 BigFoot's running all over the U.S.  I really enjoyed talking with Dan and recommend to anyone to go on out and check out BigFoot when they are near you.  You can see their schedule by clicking HERE

MTRA January 10 2004