Ok so you want to learn how to mudd.  Well most of the city boys that come down to play with us think all you need is a 4X4 and you can go through anything.  Well hopefully they won't read this because I'm making a killin charging them to pull them out once they get stuck.  Muddin isn't as simple as lockin her in, and taking off.  There is tons of stuff to know about muddin.  Like for instance, dropping the air pressure in your tires to make them have a wider tread pattern. More grip, less slip.


     Also most of these guys once the truck stops moving they want someone to hook a chain to them to drag them out.  You never stuck until your girlfriend sings.  You can try the ole reverse to drive.  Get the truck to bouncing back and forth and eventually one of the tires will grab something.  Have a couple of guys get in the back of the truck.  More weight = more pressure. Roll the stearing wheel back and forth.  Make those front tires move around a bit.  But as with any instance there will be times when stuck is stuck.  Like when you run upon a stump that's burried in the mudhole. 


       This is when you have to admit defeat and have someone snatch you out.  There are several preferred methods.  The ole use a winch.  Which is nice if you have the money.  The Rednek winch (better known as a com-a-long).  Or the most popular have a buddy hook to ya.  Now all of these have a little bit of danger to them.  If you have ever seen a cable or chain break you know what I'm talking about.  The winch and com-a-long are both dangerous because is the cable breaks it can slice you open or break a bone.  The have a buddy pull you out is really dangerous depending on how much he has had to drink.  For example.  One time while we were muddin, a buddy of mine got stuck.  So let's just call him Beaker told him he would pull him out.  Well Beaker got his 50 foot chain out, hooked it to the bumper on the front of my buddies truck, then to the rear of his truck.  Beaker asked my buddy if he was ready and the guy said yeah.  As Beaker was on his way to his truck he looked at me and smiled.  I told everyone to run.  Beaker get's into his truck, which is about 20 feet from my buddies truck and then drops the hammer.  Needless to say the bumper of my buddies truck came out just fine.  The only problem was that his truck was left in the mudhole. 


       So what have we learned here today.  Most of the time your truck can pull you out.  Careful around cables and don't let a guy who has been drinkin all day pull your truck out of a hole.  So get out there and have some fun.  Also check out the upcoming rides section and join us for some great times. Happy Muddin.