Nestled just off Hwy 293 in the small town of Kingston, GA you will find one
of the best Dirt track Go-Cart racin leagues in the world.  From the yard carts,
to the supped up, high speed, get in and hold on, suck the paint off the fence as they
go by racin carts......   K-Town Raceway is a great way to spend a day for the
entire family.  Come out and see racers from 6 to 60 competeing against each
other in a battle of driving skill.  And if you happen to have your own yard cart, bring
it out and compete in the yard cart series.  $10.00 to race and free to watch. 
Now where else can you watch some great racin action for free......?
So if you want to find out more info on K-Town Raceway or want to know when
they are racin, you can contact Don Jenkins at 770-336-5300
 for more info.
Now onto the pictures.....!


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