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We have a whole butt load of idea's when it comes to your wedding dress.  You can go traditional white, but as we know most Redneck girls would be lying if they wore white.  So we have several different idea's to work with.  The most appropriate would be camo.  Cause every good Redneck girl has a bunch of camo laying around.  But if you wanted to get really fancy, you could always go with a sequin Confederate Flag wedding dress.  The one in the picture below was worn to a prom, but it could go either way.


The good thing about both of these types of dresses is that they won't show any stains that may happen at the reception or on the wedding night.  Cause you never know when your not going to be able to hold down all the beer from the keg stand or get a little mud on it, from muddin after the wedding.




You may think that there aren't any accessories for a Redneck Wedding, but this is where you would be wrong.  There are a bunch of stuff you could use.  For example, footware.  As any good Redneck bride, you would probably want to go barefoot underneath your wedding dress.  But just in case you don't here are some options.


Flip flops or a nice 6 inch stripper heel would look great.

Now one of the things that I look forward to is the garter toss.  This is like football and a strip show all rolled into one.  First the bride lifts her dress, then when that thing goes airborne, it's like pitch up and smear from high school.  You would think that it was a lifetime supply of Copenhagen the way guys fight over it.  So if you are going to have a garter, have one with some style.


Let's move on to some other items that can't be over looked, such as candles and decorations.  Now you can take camo material or a Confederate flag and make your own decorations, but if you don't have the time, or are just to drunk to do it here are some other pictures of ready made items that you can buy.  The first picture is of a really nice camo candle.  The second is something that you could use as a unity candle.  Or they do make candles that when lit, it smells like a doe in heat.  This may be good if you are looking to get rid of some of those pesky in-laws.



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