If you be sitting in your trailer on a Saturday night and don't have anything to do.  Just run on down to your local movie store and pick up one of the following titles.  I guarantee each movie listed below to be 100% Rednek approved, mainly because I liked'em. 


Probably the most well known Rednek Movie. Come raft the beautiful waters of North Georgia and make new and interesting friends!

Smokey & The Bandit

One of the funniest movies I have ever seen. See what happens to a couple of good ole boys in need of some beer!

Smokey & The Bandit II

Not quite as good as the first one, but still a great Rednek Movie.

Walking Tall

Based on the story of Buford Pusser. Excelent movie especially if your drunk and have an axe handle!

Every Which Way But Loose

Great movie if you have a orangatang, orangeatang, ah hell a monkey and your in the mood to fight!

Southern Comfort

Just remember, we may look funny but you better not mess with us.


Great Fact/Fiction account of a prision during the Civil War!

CannonBall Run

Do you love fast cars and loose women? Then this is the movie for you.

Days of Thunder

Tom isn't a Rednek, but he does a pretty good job in this movie about Nascar racin!

Red Dawn

Great movie about the U.S. being invaded. I really recommend this one!

First Blood

Good ole Rambo. Excelent movie for the survivalist in us all!


I give this one three beers up. Great movie with fast cars and lots of liquior.


Recreation of the famous Battle of Gettysburg. It's long but well worth it.

High Plains Drifter

Another great Eastwood flick.

Last of the Dogmen

Another great one. Tom play's a country boy/Tracker in the great story about the American Indians. Set in modern times of course.

Six Pack

Kenny at his best.

Legends of the Fall

I was truely inspired by this movie. Even got my son's name from this film. Set in the early 1900's, a story of brothers and their father.

Oh Brother Where Art Thou

A great comedy about boys on the run from the law.

Old Yeller

Probably one of the greatest films of all time. A story of a boy and his dog.

Pale Rider

A story about a man, his past, and his religion.

Stroker Ace

Good story line about a driver and his stock car. Oh yeah there's other stuff in it too.

Sweet Home Alabama

Great movie about life in the south. This movie was filmed in my hometown. During the wedding scene if you look behind the bride when she is punching the mayor you can see my nephew throwing the punch the same time she is. They must not have got it perfect on the first take.


Probably the best performance I have seen Eastwood give. This movie has everything a growin Rednek Boys needs. It has whiskey, whores, guns, and friendship

Where the Red Fern Grows

A heartwarming story of a boy and his dogs.