Rock Creek 4x4 is made up of some of the most dedicated off roaders you will ever meet.  Some of them I have known a while and some I have just met, but it doesn't take long to see that if there's a rock, tree, cattle gate or park your truck to long, they will crawl over it.  John who most of you may know as Showman, owns a piece of property just outside Rome, GA and he and Alan and the boys have worked it up into one of the best places to ride in North West GA.  So good in fact, that we had to leave at least one vehicle on the trail over night.  I won't say which one it was (Cough Cough Showman's Jeep) but as Alan would say "Had it been an Automatic, it would have made it out"  I can guarantee you that you will be seeing more of these guys in the future.  So with that being said, I will shut my mouth and get on with the stuff your really here to see.

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