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One of the most kick ass sports on the planet.  Basically you take a 4 wheel drive, cut it to pieces, add a lot of expensive equipment, then see how long it takes you to tare it up.  Well that's sort of it.  Basically here's the short and skinny.  Take a 4x4.  Drive it through a series of courses, don't hit the cones (called gates), don't back up,  don't stop for more than 3 seconds, and don't run out of time.  Sounds simple enough until you see the course that you have to follow.  You may have a rock wall 10 feet straight up, or a series of tight turns while on the side of a ridge.  Each time you do one of the above you are penalized points.   Rock crawlin is making it's way into the south east.  Mostly known for muddin and trail ridding, the sport is exploding more each day.  I know because I was one of those, rock crawlin isn't tough, muddin's is what real men do.  Then I attended my first Jellico Tn Event.  All I can say is that my butt puckered up more than once that day and I wasn't even driving, just standing there watching.  So if you get a chance check out a few of the links below.  They hold rides and events all over the U.S.  so get out there and check'em out.  I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.  And by the way, tell'em RednekTv sent ya. 

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Jellico TN June 2004                    Jellico TN August 2004

Jellico TN April 2005