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These are HD rides..  The mud/trail truck is a 91 Ranger, 4.0, 5 speed, dana 35 front 8.8 welded rear on 36 TSL's..
The hunting truck is a 86 BII, 2.9, 5 Speed, dana 28 front, 7.5 rear on 35's.
Now you say how does he hang with the guys that run 44's???? 
Superior driving skills of course..


This is Jeffro's 1971 Bronco.  It sports a set of 35X12.50X15 on Steel rims.  This one is set up pretty  much how Jeffro wants it but I'm sure we can talk him into something.  Nothing else he should let me remove the catastrophic converter from it.


  This is T's 1993 GMC Yukon.  It's pretty much stock as a rock.  But that's the way she likes it.  But don't let the stock vehicle fool ya.  She can go anywhere the big boys do.


Tailgate's 2003 4Runner is the newest of all the vehicles.  Now you know he's a Rednek because who else in their right mind would carry a SUV this new in the mudd.


Tiny's 90 something Jeep Cherokee.  Still stock even though he's wanting to change that.  We just haven't talked Mrs. Tiny into it yet.