Now tractor pulls are held all over the United States.  And if you have something with a motor that you want to hook up and see what it can do, there are more than enough p Redneks out there who will hook up with ya.  Hell if you can't find anybody, just yell and me and I'll hook up to ya with the blazer.  I'll snatch the paint right off your vehicle.  If you not familiar with a tractor pull here's the short.  Take anything with wheels or tracks, put the biggest motor you can find in it (example shown below).  Hook it to another vehicle or something that weighs as much as your ex girl friend and see how far you can pull it. 

There is actually good money in tractor pulls if you have the right setup.  But the phase "You have to spend money to make money" is especially true in this sport.  You can sink more than a hundred grand into a machine like this.  So for me instead of spending all that cash to play with the big boys, I'll hook up to some tree lovin hippy beetle and drag them around the parking lot for a while. 

So one weekend when you have nothing to do, look up your local tractor pull.  Go out drink you a couple of cold ones and watch the professionals have fun.