Professional Wreslin has been a favorite Rednek sport since it's conception.  Ain't nothin  like seein someone take a metal chair and bash someone else over the head.  Growin up, I looked forward to the nights when wrestlin would come to our town.  Even at 8 years old, I was still a huge Rednek.  I remember screamin at Abdula The Butcher tellin him I was goin to gouge his eyes out.  But today it is a lot different than when I was a child.  You have great athletics involved as well as bein an entertainer.  But before you run out and have to sell your kidney to buy WWE tickets, let me give you a piece of advise.  Check out your local wrestling like All-American Championship Wrestling..  First of all  you won't have to sell that kidney to get a ticket and the action is better than the stuff you see on WWE.  These guys are some of the greatest athletes on the face of the earth.  Also how close do you think you are going to get to Triple H.  Well at any event, it you want an autograph, walk up and ask for one (when they aren't wrestling of course).   So get out there and check them out.  I will be posting their schedule on this page in a few days to let you where you can see'em.  So be sure to check back so you can get out there and see some great wrestlin action.


Referee's & Announcers



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